Ep 22: MiniCast Belle Plaine Fiasco


Holy crapola Batman.  Another minicast.  Imagine that when I'm laid up for a little bit from work.  In this minicast I'm bringing up two other podcasts and a couple of charities, with links to be provided, that I think would be good if you all donate to!  If you don't, well that's alright, you don't need to.  I can't control what you do.

Anyway, I'm covering today Belle Plaine, Minnesota.  So sit tight and have a listen, blast it on loud since there's no swearing and when people ask what drivel you're listening to, you can affirmatively answer A Topic A Month, the podcast that gives no fucks unless there's fucks to be given.

Podcasts!  Tom and Jim's Top 5  The Scathing Atheist

Charities!  Camp QuestCamp Quest Minnesota, and Life House Duluth

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