This MiniCast is all about soapboxing for our Little Ball of Hate, Tom from Tom and Jim's Top 5, featuring none other than the televangelical Joel Osteen and his Mega Church.


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Hello!  Movies is this month's topic and we're starting off obnoxiously with the Horror genre.  With us today is Keith Hopkins from Hexagon Motion Pictures!  We'll go on a tirade about good movies, bad movies, and give our favorites at the moment, because really, how can you only have one favorite horror movie?

Our new bit, Inconsequential Ramblings with Alan, has us rolling and I'll miss the mark, but, what do you do?


The beginning of the podcast is a little quiet, so keep your headphones, speakers, or transcriber on a reasonable volume.

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Well would you look at that!  Round 2 for Get a Driver's Car.  You know, we're still not sure what's going on with the first episode, but hopefully everyone will like this one just as much.  You can let us know what you hate about it and what you like about it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or you can yell at us through

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Aliens.  Are they among us?  Do they walk with us shoulder to shoulder?  Does the Bilderberg group rule the world?  Did Amelia Earhart crash on Pacific Islands surveying for the Navy?  Hell, we don't know, but we'll sure talk about it and light up those microphones.


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This episode includes a much more affluent podcaster and host of his own show on Z-Talk Radio.  A huge skeptic, just might be skeptical of me naming him a skeptic!

From contrails, chemtrails, anti-vaxxers, and the beginnings of being a skeptic.


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In this MiniCast I'll be discussing race and racism.  I'll touch lightly on recent events in Charlottesville, in a general sense, but focus a little more overtly on the broader spectrum of racism.

Language, given that's the general discussion here, will be as you would expect.  This is a MiniCast for your ears only, unless you are in a comfortable location with like-minded people who like discussing sensitive topics.


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Holy cow did you see that glowing orb?!  Conspiracy theories are fun, entertainig, and sometimes true, imagine that.  The government might be out to get us, might not.  Tune in with this episode with a new guest!


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This MiniCast is going to be somewhat short, but talking on mourning and death.  As much as people may not want to prepare for it, it just might be a good idea to do so.  Although a little on the dreary side, this episode will hopefully drive home the point of it's okay to grieve, and it's okay how you grieve.


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Another minicast awaits.  This one is like the last one; it's short and filled with a need to better the world.  Hopefully it'll be just as good as the last few, but if not, give us a shout on Twitter, Facebook, or email us at all the usual places.


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